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The game industry is expanding, and new games are being released daily. However, the billiard game 8 ball pool continues to have a large fan base and is the most popular. With half a billion downloads on the Play Store, this game’s gaming community is still growing by the day. This game is for you if you want to play real billiards on your phone.

On our website, you will find an 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk with many mod features you are looking for. This billiard game has numerous features, including multiplayer gameplay with friends and other online players. This game has simple controls and vibrant colours and graphics. Take part in this game.

8 ball pool mod apk

Game Overview

8 Ball Pool Mod APK is free to download and play, but some game features, such as coins and cash, must be purchased. However, in the game, you can access unlimited coins and cash. Other benefits of this version include a longer line and anti-ban features. Use these features in your game and during gameplay to win many matches. Furthermore, the same developer created the Carrom Ball Pool. You can play this game by following the link.

You can use these features but must follow the game rules, such as not hitting your opponents’ balls. To tease your opponent, the game has a chat and emoji option. In the 8-ball pool, you can also participate in tournaments and mini-games to earn more rewards.


Both players will compete on the billiard table in the 8 Ball Pool Mod APK gameplay. When the match begins, one player will open the shot with a cushioned ball and a cue stick after selecting the table and betting. Then, you must choose the type of solid or strip ball you will pot in the pocket.

Every match has 15 balls, including stripes and solids, evenly distributed among players. One remaining ball is black, also known as an 8 ball. It would help if you potted all the balls in order, one by one. You can use your cue stick to hit the ball you want to pot in the pocket with a cushioned ball.

It would help to keep your eyes on time while playing the ball because each shot has a time limit. If you run out of time, other players will take your place. You cannot hit other players’ balls because it is considered a foul, and your opponent will be given a cushion to play with.

Try not to miss any shots because many skilled online players can complete a game in a single shot, such as a break shot. You will lose the match if you place the black ball in any pocket before the others. You can also experiment with other modes such as nine-ball, tournament, and no guideline, which are all very interesting.

8 ball pool hack


Easy-to-Learn Controls

As previously stated, the controls for the billiard game are very simple. In the game, you must punch the ball in the pocket with your cue sticks. To pot all the balls:

  1. Rotate your cue stick at every angle.
  2. Drag your finger across your cue to move it.
  3. Move the cue from back to front to generate power and hit the ball to the pocket pot.

Graphics of this game

This game’s graphics are well-designed. The pool table and cues appear real; each table and cue is individually designed. Furthermore, due to its light graphics, the game will never lag.

Outstanding Sound Effects

8 Ball Pool’s sound effects are authentic and engaging, whether you hit the ball with your cue stick or other balls collide. The sound of the ball rolling on the table or putting the ball in the pocket is realistic. If you enjoy billiards, you should not miss it.

8 ball pool hack mod apk

Play one-on-one Matches

You can play one-on-one matches with a large number of online players. You can choose your favourite country table and play in the match. Following that, you select a betting amount for the match and then wait for the match to begin in 2 seconds. You’ll bet with coins, which are in-game currency. You should choose your betting amount wisely because if you lose the game, you will lose all of your money.

Play with Friends

You can challenge and invite a friend to join you in a match. To invite them, there is a separate section in the game called “play with friends.” To play with your friends, you must first log in to the game using one of your social accounts.

Play Challenging Tournament

Tournaments with online players are available in the game. This tournament has three stages: quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals. To reach the final, you must qualify and win both previous levels.

8 ball pool mod

Play Nine Balls from Play Special

You can play 9 balls from the special play sections in this game. It would help if you potted all the balls in a row to win this match. The betting system will remain the same in this match as in others. You can place your bets in any amount you want.

You can also test your skills by playing this game without any guidelines from the play special section. This mode is available in two countries: Beijing and Istanbul.

Practice Mode 

This game supports offline gameplay, and you can improve your skills by playing it in offline practice mode. You’ll easily win your match if you practice in practice mode and try all the shorts.

Play Mini Games in 8 Ball Pool Mod APK

You can play mini-games in this game to earn more rewards and cue sticks. You can play scratch and win, spin and win luck shot, and open surprise boxes. You can earn a lot of rewards and coins that you can use to play the game’s matches.

Send Gift to Your Friends

You can send gifts to your friends from the gift icon in the bottom-left corner of your screen. You can send your friends a free 8 Ball Pool 15 Billion Coins Mod Apk and request that they do the same for you. This feature will assist those without coins and require coins to participate in the matches.

Seasons in the Game

The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK has different seasons to win more rewards. The game has pool rewards, but you must purchase a pool pass to get more legendary rewards. You can also purchase a pool pass to obtain premium tips in the game. You can obtain these rewards by earning pool points. These points can be obtained by participating in 1v1 and other matches.

Lots of Cue Sticks

The game allows you to use a large number of cue sticks. There are four types of cue sticks: standard, victory, surprise, and country. Every cue stick has its strike force, aiming ability, spin, and time. You can also use coins and extra cue pieces to upgrade the levels of these sticks.

These sticks can be purchased with cash and coins or by opening surprise boxes obtained by winning matches. These cue sticks are in the cues section at the top of your screen.

Amazing Chat Packs

You can also use amazing chat packs to communicate with your friends and other players in the game. These chat packs can be purchased with coins or cash.

Choose Your Favorite Cities and Tables

These tables and clubs in this billiard game will be unlocked based on the player’s level and the amount of coins used in wagering. Some tables require you to follow certain rules, such as calling pocket on all shots and cushion shots on eight balls. The higher the table, the larger the bet amount used in the game.

Below are some of the larger cities and tables:

  • Tables Winning Trophies Price BetsUnattached Trophies
  • Rome Colosseum8M 45+ -33
  • Bangkok Temple – 58 10M 70+
  • Seoul Tower 57+-47 20M
  • Mumbai Mahal 30M 65+ -58
  • Berlin Platz – 67 50M 75+
  • Ballroom Venice 80M 100+ – 85

Mod Features

8 Ball Pool Mod Menu

This game also features a mood menu. You can use the features you desire in the game or during gameplay by accessing the mod menu.

Features that are included in the mod menu are given below:

  • Guidelines for Longlines
  • Super Strength
  • With the cue ball in hand, infinite funds
  • The 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk offers infinite money to buy cue sticks. This money can also be used to wager on the game. Additionally, you can download and play WCC2 APK from our website if you want to play a cricket game for free.

Unlimited Money 

In the modified version of the 8-ball pool, you can purchase legendary cues and chat packs with infinite money.

Unlimited Cash

You also get a longline feature in the game’s modified features. This feature will assist you in accurately potting the ball in the pocket by displaying a long line on the front of your stick so you can aim at the ball.

8 Ball Mod APK Long Line

With this modified version, all legendary, mythic, victory, and standard cue sticks are yours to keep since you have limitless cash and money to unlock them all.

Unlimited Cues

Because the modified version of the 8-ball pool has an anti-ban feature, you can play it without worrying about your game getting banned.

Anti Ban Feature

The game’s most recent version is available for download on our website. While some websites charge a fee for downloads, you can download the game for free.

Anti Ban Feature

  • This most recent update has a lot of improvements.
  • In the game, all sticks are unlocked.

App Requirements

  • 150 MB of free space will be required to install the game.
  • Android version 4.4 or up.
  • 2GB RAM to play this game smoothly.
  • You’ll need iOS 11.0 or later.

How do you download and install the 8 Ball Pool Mod APK?

You can get this game by following the steps below.

  • To download the 8 Ball Pool Mod Apk, click the download button.
  • When the download is finished, click on the file name.
  • Permit unknown sources to install the game.
  • You can start playing the game once the installation is completed.


Will I get unlimited money and cash in the game?

The 8 Ball Pool Mod APK gives you infinite cash and money.

Who is the developer of this game?

Miniclip developed the game.

Which mod feature will I get in the 8-ball pool modded version?

You have all cue sticks in this game. All cities and tables are unlocked, there is a longline mod feature, and you get infinite cash and money.

Is everything unlocked in 8 Ball Mod APK?

Yes, the 8 Ball Mod APK has everything unlocked.

Can we play 8 ball pool on iOS?

Indeed, this game is compatible with iOS. Proceed to the Apple Store and download the game file.


Since this game is completely free to play and has all modified features, it is readily accessible to all players. Its original version is also available on the Play Store. Play with your best friend and make friends with other gamers. Take part in various occasions and times of year to earn additional rewards. Utilize the mod’s features to advance more quickly.

Download the 8-ball pool mod version from our website to enjoy the pool on your phone. Since this game is completely free to play and has all modified features, it is readily accessible to all players. Its original version is also available on the Play Store. Play with your best friend and make friends with other gamers. Take part in various occasions and times of year to earn additional rewards. Utilize the mod’s features to advance more quickly. Download the 8-ball pool mod version from our website to enjoy the pool on your phone.

Download 8 Ball Pool 15 Billion Coins Mod Apk Download

Download (59.1 MB)

You are now ready to download 8 Ball Pool 15 Billion Coins Mod Apk Download for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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