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Beach Buggy Racing Mod Apk v2023.09.06 [Unlimited Money]

Name Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK
Publisher Vector Unit
Size 82 MB
Version 2023.09.06
MOD Info Unlimited Money, Menu
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MOD Info

    • Unlimited Money

    • Unlocked Everything

    • Unlimited Power-ups

    • All Cars Unlocked

    • Unlocked Rhino Car

    • Split Screen

What's new

    • A new fast Grand Prix formula car is added.

    • You’ll see a powerful Rhino super truck in this latest version.

    • The game stability is improved now.

    • Adjusted prices on powerups.

Download (82 MB)

We know that when you search for a mod version, you want access to some premium features that aren’t available in the original version. You can use all of the premium elements for free and have access to every item in the most recent version of the Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK.

These features let you unlock all the cars, including unlimited money, gems, diamonds, and tickets. The items above can unlock characters, drivers, and tickets needed to play the upcoming series and episode. Playing Beach Buggy in this modified version won’t encounter commercial breaks.

Additionally, downloading from this link lets you play CarX Street without any advertisements. This BB Racing Mod APK version is free, so no need to pay anything. You don’t need to worry about running out of storage on your device because the game only takes up 82 MB of space.

bb racing mod apk

Overview Beach Buggy Racing

BB refers to the racing game Beach Buggy. Due to its uniqueness, millions of players worldwide have become engrossed in this game. The astonishing game Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK transports you to a different realm with its lifelike tracks and three-dimensional visuals. You’re mistaken if you believe these tracks are as simple as those in other racing games, which will only make you bored while playing.

This game is exciting because the tracks are filled with obstacles that make it difficult to compete against your opponents. You can use 27 power-ups sporadically placed throughout your route to defeat your opponents in these tracks.

Among the many features of this game is the ability to customize the controls to your liking. Cars can have their looks altered with the help of fantastic stickers and predetermined colours. Your automobiles can be fully upgraded. You can also switch up your driver with various characters’ availability, giving you an edge when racing and winning laps.

Overview Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

As mentioned, this 3D graphic game entices players by providing a realistic experience. The gameplay is fairly straightforward, with numerous components, including cars, power-ups, and characters. It will be useful to you when playing this game and will help you finish first in the race.

This one has several game modes: career, championship, and quick race. Each mode has a unique focus. You can select your preferred vehicle and player, then launch the race in the chosen mode. However, it would be best to play the carrier mode and beat the boss before accessing the championship and quick race.

beach buggy racing mod apk

Pro Features of Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

Kart Racing Action

It would be best to play this game completely in all its modes. To get through the obstacles on the tracks that are giving you trouble, you’ll employ a variety of abilities and powers. Because other players will use the same power-ups and driving techniques as you to defeat you, you cannot relax and must concentrate on the race.


In a race, you only need to tilt your device to control your car. You can adjust these controls during the race by tapping the button in the upper right corner of the settings section. After adjusting the controls, you can pick up where you left off in the race. The game Tilt, Touch A, and Touch B has three different control layouts. Whichever works best for you can be chosen.

Interesting Playing Modes

These are all incredibly thrilling and fascinating modes. You can play any game mode; each one has a unique concept. Try out the different modes in Hill Climb Racing 2 if you enjoy multi-mode games.

download bb racing mod apk

Carrier Play Mode

The series you want to play will be selected in carrier mode. After finishing each level in this series, you will receive stars, gold, and a diamond, provided you place among the top three finishers. You can play the next episode or series by competing with the boss at the end, and these stars will help you unlock the next level.

After you finish the previous race series, the career play will open with eight more. In this racing series, each series has distinct stages, levels, and requirements for improving cars. You can use an engine with only 100 horsepower in the first two chapters and an engine with 250 in the next two series. You can defeat your enemies in the last two series using your maximum Horse of Power of 1000HP.

Quick Race Mode

You can access the Quick Race mode upon defeating the boss in the carrier play series. You must select the engine class, e.g., 100 HP to 1000 HP. You should carefully select the class to help you win the race because the higher HP will be faster and more difficult.

To start the race, you will be prompted to select your track after selecting the Engine Class. There are fifteen tracks available in this mode, but as previously mentioned, you must play career and championship races to find your favourite.

Championship Mode

You must compete against other players in championship mode using nine different cars. Every championship has four stages and varies in the number of cars available, with engine classes ranging from 100 to 1000 horsepower.

Subsequently, you will select your driver to win the race, as each driver possesses unique abilities that make the race challenging for your rivals. You must have won the previous championship to move on to the next stage or championship race.

Split Screen and Multiplayer Mode

Connecting it to your TV lets you play this game with your closest friends and other racers. Using a controller is required when playing this mode. This mode allows you to play with three other players.

Daily Challenges

Playing daily challenges will earn you more money and a reward for your game. The daily challenges can be found when you open the Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK right above the career race.


The Power-ups are the most crucial element in this game when competing against other players on the racing tracks. Your tracks have these power-ups, which resemble question marks. In the circle of pink bubbles. Using these power-ups, you can use various powers, such as Ball and chain, to make the racing track difficult for other players. This ball chain can quickly reduce the speed of another person’s car by pinning a large ball to it.

There are 27 kinds of power-ups, including death bats, fireworks, hydra, large tires, and many more. You can use each of these power-ups to defeat other competitors in the race or use them to your advantage. To avoid these obstacles, which could cause you to lose the race, always playing the game with great attention would be beneficial.

Switch Drivers for Race

Switching drivers are also important to your race because each driver has unique abilities and skills. To get the best spot in the race, you must use strategically to divert the attention of other competitors and increase your speed. Through the switch driver option, all drivers can be unlocked.

Switch Your Cars and Upgrade Them to Get the Better Result

You will see various cars in Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK that will aid you in winning the race. The cars available in the switch car store, such as Grim Road, Lumbini, Dune Jumper, Beach Buggy, Rally Pro Lightning Lunar Rover, and Rock Stomper, all add intrigue and excitement to your game. Download Traffic Rider and upgrade your bikes if you come across a game comparable to this one that offers bike customization options.

With money, you can use the switch car feature to unlock your vehicle. You can then upgrade them using the other upgrade element after that. Make wise upgrades to your vehicles to give yourself an edge over other players and defeat them. During the update, you can also paint your car from the lower-right corner of your screen. Spend your money wisely because upgrading your cars would be ideal if you had a lot of it.


The graphics are the first element that grabs players’ interest and compels them to play the game. Therefore, the beach buggy’s 3D graphics are amazing and will transport you to the real world. You also get the impression that you are driving in real life thanks to the special effects and breathtaking scenery, which includes beaches, rain, animals in the forest, and water in the middle of the tracks.

download beach buggy racing mod apk

Mod Features

Unlimited Money for Free Shopping

BB’s most recent modified version gives you infinite Money, which you can use to access the game’s premium features. Additionally, you can play Parking Master Multiplayer for as long as you want for free. To download the game, click the provided link.

Unlimited Gems and Diamonds

You can unlock drivers and power-ups with this version’s boundless supply of gems and diamonds.

Infinite Tickets

To participate in every race in a beach buggy, you must use Green tickets. The Beach Buggy Mod APK gives you an infinite supply of tickets.

All Levels Unlocked

In Beach Buggy Racing, every level is accessible, and you can take advantage of various settings. Because of the exquisite stage designs, every scene will seem authentic.

Unlocked All Drivers

This game has a lot of drivers. Since all drivers are unlocked, you can select whatever you like.

Unlocked All Power Ups

You have infinite gems that can be used to unlock power-ups, so all of them are unlocked.

Blocked All Ads

The fact that all advertisements are blocked in BB is good news for gamers who detest seeing them in between games.

Unlocked All Cars

In this game, every car is visible as unlocked; if not, you can use money to unlock them.

Beach Buggy Racing Mod Menu

There are many extra features, all extremely uncommon, in the Beach Buggy Racing Mod Menu. Any element can be used to activate the menu’s options.

Adventurous and Exciting Racing Tracks

The Vector Unit creates this game. They consider players constantly. For this reason, they offered fifteen thrilling tracks to keep them from getting bored. The breathtaking scenery on the tracks, which include enormous dinosaurs, birds, temples, and fire, will keep your eyes glued on the track once you select it and get racing. Download Fr Legends if you enjoy driving your cars on more difficult courses because all of the tracks are difficult.

The tracks’ routes are extremely challenging, so you must be even more cautious when driving because even the smallest error could give another player the advantage. These tracks also contain numerous short passageways and hidden spots you will eventually discover. Below are these tracks:

  • Shark Harbor
  • Crab Cove
  • Dino Jungle
  • Fiesta Village
  • Spooky Shores
  • Tiki Temple
  • Mushroom Grotto
  • Paradise Beach
  • Glacier Gulch
  • Misty Marsh
  • Aquarius
  • Fire & Ice
  • Red Planet
  • Blizzard Vale
  • Death Bat Alley

App Requirements

  • You must have free storage of 87 MB on your device to download this file.
  • The OS requirement is Android 5.0+ or above and IOS 9 for this game.
  • You’ll need iOS 12.0 or later.
  • You can play this game on a device with 2GB of RAM.

How to play the game on PC?

If you’re one of the many players who would like to play the game on a larger screen, just follow these instructions to play the game on a computer or large screen.

  • To play the game, you must first have emulator software.
  • To download this, visit the official Bluestacks website.
  • Set up the program on your computer.
  • Launch it, type into the search bar, and locate your game.
  • Once you’ve located the game, launch it and have fun.

How to Download and Install BB Racing Mod APK?

To successfully install the game on your device, follow all the instructions.

  • Download the Beach Buggy Racing mod APK by going to the download button and clicking on it.
  • After the download is complete in the second step, your phone might occasionally ask permission to access unknown sources. From your settings, you can approve it.
  • The pop-up notification advises you to install this application in the third step. Install can be clicked without hesitation.
  • To start playing the game, click its icon on your screen after downloading and installing it.


Do we need to root our device to download a mod version of the game?

No, a root is not necessary. This game is playable without needing to root your device.

Why can’t we play multiplayer and split-screen mode?

You must first make an in-app purchase to access this mode.

Do we require any license or key for use in the premium version?

No, you can use the premium features in this mod version without paying a fee or needing a license.

Is an internet connection necessary for this game?

No, you don’t need the internet to play this game offline.

What is the file size of the Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK?

There are only 87 Mb in the file.

Will the latest version of the BB Racing Mod APK be safe for our device if we download it?

Yes, if you download it from our website, it won’t harm your device.


In the end, Beach Buggy Racing Mod APK features original music, lifelike visuals that transport you to another world, and tons of engaging fun, action, and adventure. You can begin a race with your Monster Cars and your preferred driver, who assists you. These drivers are skilled enough to outperform rivals. In addition, you will use power-ups when it matters most to hinder others from completing their task.

These power-ups, including fireworks and Oil Drop, can make the roads slick, smash other cars, and take first place. Like you, other players can use these skills and power-ups, so you must pay attention. This game is fantastic, so download it from our website immediately to start having fun.

Download Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK

Download (82 MB)

You are now ready to download Beach Buggy Racing MOD APK for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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