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Free Fire Hack Download v1.102.1 (File, Diamonds, Version, Headshot)

10-minute Survival Shooter!

Name Free Fire Hack App
Publisher Garena International I
Size 433.5MB
Version 1.102.1
MOD Info Unlimited Diamonds, Coins
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MOD Info

    • All Characters Unlocked

    • Max Level

    • Mod Menu

    • Auto Headshot

    • Unlimited Health

What's new

    • The latest version is called Free Fire Winterlands.

    • Guild 2.0 allows you to level up your guild and play matches with other guild members to win rewards.

    • You can form a team and combat with other guilds in Guild Wars.

    • You will engage in combat on the ice surfaces in Snow on Bermuda.

    • There is now a new character in the game.

    • There's a classic survival shooter mode.

Download (433.5MB)

In a short time, many games rose to prominence. As a result, they have many features you must purchase to keep playing the game. However, some players use the games’ modified versions since they cannot afford these premium features.

We are also available for those who enjoy playing new battle games and are constantly looking for them. We are providing you with infinite diamonds in the Free Fire Mod APK. With billions of downloads, this game is extremely popular worldwide.

There has never been a decline in its appeal. In the multiplayer battle game If Free Fire Garena, you compete with other online players to survive. This game offers a unique gameplay experience with various playable modes and maps. You can use various weapons, equipment, and characters to kill other players. The gameplay is enjoyable and has amazing graphics.

free fire hack

Overview of Free Fire Hack Apk

Free Fire’s gameplay is comparable to that of PUBG Mobile. You can play this game with ease if you’ve played Pubg before. However, they display the tutorial so players can grasp this game. The gameplay and control system of this game are covered in this tutorial.

You will travel to the island in a plane with 50 other players in this game’s gameplay, where you will engage in combat with other players to survive. Anywhere on the playing map can be reached by jumping from the aircraft. Clicking the jump button on your screen will allow you to jump.

However, you must accelerate and use a joystick to control your direction as you land at the intended spot. When you reach your intended landing spot, open your parachute to ensure a safe landing because other players can also go to the same area.

free fire hack apk

To survive the match, search the buildings after landing for weapons, armour, and supplies. If other players try to kill you and your health declines, you can also use health kits. In essence, you must eliminate every one of these players to win the game. Shadow Fight 2 is a good option if you enjoy traditional fighting techniques.

It would be best to focus on the blue zone while combatting with other adversaries. The blue zone is extremely potent because staying in it steadily lowers your health. When the match starts, the blue site will begin after 30 seconds and move toward the safe area after a predetermined time. You must remain in the safe zone to avoid killing anyone in this area.

Additionally, this game offers various modes for solo, duo, and squad play. In the game, you can communicate with random players and teammates via voice chat and messages.

free fire hack download

Overview of Free Fire Hack APP

Everyone wants to experience new adventures and enjoy trying new things. It’s also a chance to play this exciting battle game with many mod features for those people. With the help of these mod features we provide, you can purchase many items in the game. In 2022, this game gained fame.

You can obtain certain features and items that aren’t available in the game’s original version for free in the Free Fire mod version. You can obtain countless diamonds in the Free Fire to open various high-end and legendary items. These limitless diamonds allow you to unlock various gun skins that you can show off to your friends and play like a pro.

In this modified version, players can also open many characters and pets. This version has many features, like no fog or grass, limitless health, and the ability to kill enemies with aimbots. Get Dragon Ball Legends APK from this link if you want endless health.

free fire mod apk

Pro Features of Free Fire Hack MOD

Simple & Easy Game Controls

This game’s control scheme is simple to understand. Additionally, you can modify these controls to suit your device’s needs. You will learn some basic commands from the tutorial, such as moving a joystick from the left side of your screen. You can see your enemies on the right side of your screen by looking around.

Outstanding Sound Effect

The Free Fire APK includes high-quality sound effects. You will even be able to hear the enemy’s footsteps. The sound of gunfire and a bomb going off increased the suspense and tension in the game. You can find the enemies on the map with the aid of this sound. The creator of this game has worked very hard to provide players with a unique experience in every way.

free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds

Amazing Graphics With Clean Pictures, Quality

You will only download games with high-quality graphics because they are essential to having fun with the gameplay. With its amazing pictures, Free Fire offers a very realistic gaming experience. They have made extensive use of visual effects and high-character animations.

The buildings’ interiors and textures are intended to look authentic. Gorgeous landscapes can be found on various maps; other places have amazing lighting and shadows.


It is necessary to practice the game’s gameplay before engaging in gameplay. You can use this practice to help you on the battlefield by honing your aim and shooting skills in the free-fire training mode. You can check out the various armour pieces and weapons you can use in the gameplay and learn the controls and movements.

Battle Royal or Classic

In the royal battle mode, you can engage in gameplay with other players to travel to the island. To win, you must fight other enemies while surviving. You don’t need to worry about losing because your ranking is unaffected if you lose a battle in this mode.

free fire hack download

Clash Squad

You can play this 4v vs 4v deathmatch mode online with random players or friends by forming your four-player team. This mode includes some battle rounds; each game lets you select a new armour set and weapons. The team with the most kills in this mode and the most battle-round victories is deemed the winner.


Players establish their mettle in the ranked mode by winning more matches and demonstrating their fighting and survival prowess. In this mode, the player will be matched with other online players based on their points and rank. In this mode, winning more matches will earn you more points, raising your rank. Your profile will also display this rank, indicating your skill and competitiveness in this game.

The list of different ranks in this game is mentioned below.

Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond

free fire hack app

Custom Room Mode

Another option in the free fire is to design your room. Diamonds are required to design custom rooms. You can play with other players or friends in these personalised rooms. You can also choose how many players will participate in your customised rooms. For your personal space, a variety of maps and modes are available. The gaming community also uses these rooms to play tournament events. You can also experiment with the game’s other modes, which include Death Race and bomb squad.

Variety of Guns and New Skins

In the free fire, you have access to a variety of firearms and handguns, including the M4A1, MP40, AK47, SCAR, AWM, and many more. The damage output and magazine capacity of these weapons differ from one another. These weapons have several attachments that you can use to adjust the magazine capacity, recoil, and range.

These weapons can be used for long-range activities like sniping or short-range activities. Each of these weapons is capable of killing enemies with special powers. Select your gun based on the mode to improve your performance in the match. You can also apply multiple skins to give your gun a more upscale appearance.

free fire hack file

Free Fire Mod APK Offers Multiple Characters

The Free Fire has a large selection of characters as well. These characters have special talents and abilities that come in handy on the battlefield. Your character selection must consider your playstyle, strategy, and the skills you will need in combat.

The list of some powerful characters is given below.

Wolfrahh Alok Olivia Kelly Andrew KLA Kenta Nairi

Many Cute Pets

In the game, you can purchase a variety of pets, including dogs, cats, and many other adorable animals. Both on the battlefield and in your lobby, these pets are visible. These pets must be bought with diamonds and other precious stones. These companions will aid you in exploring the recently added game elements.

Use Text, Voice Chat, and Different Emotes

For your convenience, these text and voice chats come in solo, duo, and squad formats. You can easily communicate with your teammates through these chats to improve teamwork. Additionally, you can collaborate with other online players and form new friendships through this chat. You risk having your voice chat permanently banned if you use abusive language in text or voice chat.

Additionally, you can greet your teammates and execute different stunts in the free fire using different emotes. In the game, you can also use certain emotes to dance.

free fire hack version

Bundle of Outfits for Characters

In the game, you can choose from various mythical and legendary costumes. These costumes enhance the beauty of your characters. These ensembles are obtained by opening different outfit packs offered in the store. Attending events can also earn you some clothes. Download the Shadow Fight 3 APK to try out more outfits similar to this game’s. You can alter your clothes to suit your style.

Different Maps

The game’s creator provides a variety of maps for players to choose from in the free fire because they might grow tired of playing the same one. There are different environments and locations on each of these maps. Every map you explore will reveal new features, like rivers, beaches, deserts, urban and rural areas, and much more. Additionally, download Pure Sniper to test your shooting prowess if you prefer playing other shooting games with multiple maps.

The list of these maps is given below

  • Desert Island in Bermuda
  • The Forgotten City of Kalahari, the Bering Strait Purgatory
free fire hack headshot

Mod Features of Free Fire Hack App

Free Fire Hack Apk

We are aware that the game’s free version gives you limited resources. But with the Free Fire Mod APK, you can purchase infinite money and coins.

Free Fire Hack Download

The game offers many emotes you can purchase from the store lab. All of these emotes can be unlocked with diamonds and gems.

Free Fire Hack App

A limitless supply of diamonds is also yours for any of the game’s objectives. Diamonds can open loot boxes, purchase various skin packs, unlock characters and pets, and design unique rooms.

free fire hack mod

Free Fire Hack File

One special feature of the mod is unlimited health. With this feature, when enemies attack you and attempt to kill you, it won’t affect your health.

Free Fire Hack Version

With the aimbot and headshot features, you can instantly kill enemies by firing a bullet right into their heads. The most recent modified version of the game has this feature.

Free Fire Mod Menu

Many premium elements are free through the free fire mod menu feature because they are locked in the free version, and you must pay money to purchase them.

Free Fire Hack Headshot

You can use the no fog and no grass mod feature during gameplay. Thanks to these features, your enemies’ attempts to hide in the grass and moisture will be easier to spot.

Free Fire Hack Diamond

We have used every feature of the game and have had an incredible experience with Free Fire Mod APK. This game and Pubg are extremely similar in that they share similar concepts and feature many of the same kinds of weapons. If you’ve ever played Pubg, you’ll find this extremely simple to play and won’t face any difficulties.

free fire hack diamond

App Requirements

  • With all updates, your device must have 800 MB of free storage to play this game.
  • Android 4.1 or later.
  • 4GB of RAM is required to play this game smoothly.
  • Require at least iOS 10.0.

How to Download and Install Free Fire Mod APK?

These are the steps to download this game.

  • The Free Fire Hack App can be downloaded by clicking the Free Fire Hack Link download button.
  • Click the file name once the download is finished.
  • Permit unknown sources to install the game on your device.
  • After the installation is finished, you can start the game.


Will I get unlimited coins and gems in the Free Fire Mod APK?

Yes, this version grants you an infinite amount of coins and gems.

Is this game file safe?

Indeed, no viruses in this game could damage your device.

Which mod feature will I get in the free fire modded version?

You have unlocked every character in this game. In this version, all vehicles and outs are unlocked, you get infinite money and diamonds, and pets are unlocked.

Can I play the game on iOS?

Indeed, this game is compatible with iOS. Proceed to the Apple Store and download the Free Fire app.

Is everything unlocked in this mod version of the game?

Yes, this mod version will unlock everything for you.


Thus, there is a unique variety of playable modes in this game. You can experiment with various login methods like Guest, Gmail, Twitter, and Facebook. You can equip your characters with thousands of mythical and legendary outfits and weapons to play the game.

For each player, this game offered support for multiple languages. Thus, practice various tactics and teamwork while playing games with your friends and teammates to master the free fire. Download the most recent version of Free Fire Mod APK from our website to play this thrilling game. No OBB file is required.

Download Free Fire Hack App

Download (433.5MB)

You are now ready to download Free Fire Hack App for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
4.4/5 (117,107,657 votes)

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